PTA Board

NHE parents and faculty are very active in our PTA and truly help make our school an “EXEMPLARY” place to learn for our children. Please consider a volunteer role on the 2018-2019 PTA Board, and keep the tradition of excellence going! Please send mail to to express an interest in a board position or committee. Thanks for helping to make NHE the very best it can be!

The following volunteers will serve in the role for the 2018-2019 school year. Board members may serve in the same position for up to 2 consecutive years.

Officers: 2018-2019 School Year

Committee Chairs: 2018-2019 School Year

Arts Awareness   Rene Henderson
Auction   Carley Butts
Book Fair   Eileen Ryan
Clothes Closet   Ingrid Clark
Council Delegate   Emily Serold
Disbursements   Bob Baker
Field Day   Racheal Potter
Future Falcons   Brittany Coggins & Sharon Sorrell
Health & Safety   Sylvia Smith
Homeroom Representative   Jade Dale
Hospitality   Laura Corder, Allison Pierce, Paula Baker
Library   Stephanie Cozby
Multicultural   Katy Spicer
Parent Education   OPEN
Playground/Landscaping   Amy Roper
Publicity   Chris Cozby
Think Tank   Mac Nieto
VIP Events   Liz Ferrigno
Volunteer Services   Raquel Goranson
Webmaster   Karen Crowder
eNews   Jordan Teeple

PTA Documents

For information on PTA positions, rules, or operations, click on a link below:

PTA Past Presidents

2017-2018 Ellen Yost
2015-2017 Heather Gray
2013-2015 Brenna Eager
2012-2013 Linda West
2010-2012 Natalie Yancy

2008-2010 Holli Maxwell
2007-2008 Kathy Watson
2006-2007 Jill Hance
2005-2006 Lynn Sullivan
2003-2005 Holli Maxwell
2002-2003 Janet Le Bel
2001-2002 Lynn Carlton
2000-2001 Jeanne Wilgus

1999-2000 Ann Stroth
1998-1999 Judy Smith
1997-1998 Robin Burch
1996-1997 Cindy Rea
1995-1996 Michelle Van Gilder
1994-1995 Patti Mitchell
1993-1994 Kay Swanson
1991-1993 Carol-Ann Bracken
1990-1991 Mrs. Bud Barta

1989-1990 Mrs. Mike Cooper
1988-1989 Mrs. Hardy Watford
1987-1988 Mrs. Jim Parish
1986-1987 Mrs. Jerry Ragsdale
1985-1986 Mrs. Rick Ostler
1984-1985 Mrs. John Price
1983-1984 Mrs. Charles Gough
1982-1983 Mrs. James Davis
1981-1982 Mrs. Carl McMahan
1980-1981 Mrs. Carl Giles

1979-1980 Mrs. Benny Brigham
1978-1979 Mrs. Jerry Bennett
1977-1978 Mrs. Gerald Casid
1976-1977 Mrs. Ben Dildy
1975-1976 Mrs. Lawrence Breinin
1974-1975 Mrs. Barry Epstein
1973-1974 Mrs. H. Glyn Jordan
1972-1973 Mrs. Barney Budow
1971-1972 Mrs. Alan Golden
1970-1971 Mrs. Bill Bradley

1969-1970 Mrs. Ralph McCann, Jr.
1968-1969 Mrs. Michael Anigian
1967-1968 Mrs. John M. Holladay, Jr.
1966-1967 Mrs. Don Weiss
1965-1966 Mrs. Eugene Lipstate