PTA Board

NHE parents and faculty are very active in our PTA and truly help make our school an “EXEMPLARY” place to learn for our children. Please consider a volunteer role on the 2017-2018 PTA Board, and keep the tradition of excellence going! Please send mail to to express an interest in a board position or committee. Thanks for helping to make NHE the very best it can be!

The following volunteers will serve in the role for the 2017-2018 school year. Board members may serve in the same position for up to 2 consecutive years.

Officers: 2017-2018 School Year

Committee Chairs: 2017-2018 School Year

Arts Awareness   Rene Henderson & Toni Gates
Book Fair   Sejal Desai & Eileen Ryan
Council Delegate   Tric Sohosky & Heather Gray
Clothes Closet   OPEN
Disbursements   David Sims
Field Day   TJ Untebrink & Jeff Meeker
Future Falcons   Brittany Coggins & Sharon Sorrell
Health & Safety   Marie Gill
Homeroom Representative   Jade Dale
Hospitality   Laura Corder, Emily Serold
Library   Stephanie Cozby
Multicultural   Sherry Clemens
Parent Education   OPEN
Playground/Landscaping   Racheal Potter
Publicity   Bernie Judge
Think Tank   Mac Nieto
Volunteer Services   Raquel Goranson
Ways & Means Assistants   Linda Flatt, Sheila Johnson, Melissa LaMantia
Webmaster   Karen Crowder
eNews   Cassie Grant

PTA Documents

For information on PTA positions, rules, or operations, click on a link below:

PTA Past Presidents

2015-2017 Heather Gray
2013-2015 Brenna Eager
2012-2013 Linda West
2010-2012 Natalie Yancy

2008-2010 Holli Maxwell
2007-2008 Kathy Watson
2006-2007 Jill Hance
2005-2006 Lynn Sullivan
2003-2005 Holli Maxwell
2002-2003 Janet Le Bel
2001-2002 Lynn Carlton
2000-2001 Jeanne Wilgus

1999-2000 Ann Stroth
1998-1999 Judy Smith
1997-1998 Robin Burch
1996-1997 Cindy Rea
1995-1996 Michelle Van Gilder
1994-1995 Patti Mitchell
1993-1994 Kay Swanson
1991-1993 Carol-Ann Bracken
1990-1991 Mrs. Bud Barta

1989-1990 Mrs. Mike Cooper
1988-1989 Mrs. Hardy Watford
1987-1988 Mrs. Jim Parish
1986-1987 Mrs. Jerry Ragsdale
1985-1986 Mrs. Rick Ostler
1984-1985 Mrs. John Price
1983-1984 Mrs. Charles Gough
1982-1983 Mrs. James Davis
1981-1982 Mrs. Carl McMahan
1980-1981 Mrs. Carl Giles

1979-1980 Mrs. Benny Brigham
1978-1979 Mrs. Jerry Bennett
1977-1978 Mrs. Gerald Casid
1976-1977 Mrs. Ben Dildy
1975-1976 Mrs. Lawrence Breinin
1974-1975 Mrs. Barry Epstein
1973-1974 Mrs. H. Glyn Jordan
1972-1973 Mrs. Barney Budow
1971-1972 Mrs. Alan Golden
1970-1971 Mrs. Bill Bradley

1969-1970 Mrs. Ralph McCann, Jr.
1968-1969 Mrs. Michael Anigian
1967-1968 Mrs. John M. Holladay, Jr.
1966-1967 Mrs. Don Weiss
1965-1966 Mrs. Eugene Lipstate