Spirit Wear

The PTA has devoted significant resources to make the purchasing and delivery of spirit wear quicker and easier. You can obtain spirit wear using the following options:

  • Supply and Spirit Wear Online "Presale" through August 3 (recommended) - Due to on-hand inventory challenges, the only way to guarantee your purchase of spirit wear is to participate in the online presale. The 2018-2019 NHE Supply & Spirit Wear presale will be open through August 3, 2018 for supply and spirit wear selection. 
  • Supply Sale Event on August 17 - We will be conducting the School Supply Sale Event on August 17 in the school cafeteria. We will have any extra inventory available at the actual event available for purchase. (** IMPORTANT: Due to financial risks, we are not going to carry much additional inventory beyond the orders placed in the pre-sale (see above). Any spirit wear availability at the actual event will be on a first come, first serve basis and there are no guarantees.)
  • Year-Round Online Store - Any extra inventory on-hand will be available through our online spirit wear store. You can access the online on your account options page. Click here to access your account options. (*Note: If you have not already created a user account with this site you will be prompted to do so before accessing the spirit wear store.)


Show your Falcon Pride with 2018-2019 Spirit Wear!  

Click here to go to the online store