Did you know that Northwood Hills Elementary is ranked in the top 7% of all elementary schools in the state? We are part of the Richardson Independent School District which has a proud legacy of preparing students for success.


Our staff have created a nurturing environment where our diverse community of students are encouraged to reach their own level of personal excellence; each NHE student has a learning objective to advance at least one academic year from their start at the beginning of the year.


NHE provides a well-rounded education focusing on math, science, and reading as well as physical education, art, music, and character building. NHE also offers one of the only hands on elementary science labs in the area, a well-stocked library, a complete computer lab, and classroom iPads. All of this equates to a highly rated school that was awarded several distinctions under the state accountability system.


Quality Educators

Kids love to learn at NHE! Why? The teachers are exceptional! All of our teachers are TEA Certified and rated as ‘Highly Qualified’ under state standards. Teachers at each grade level collaborate on lesson plans and homework assignments but then also individualize plans for each student in their classroom.


How can they do this? Our school is part of the RISD Differentiation Initiative where teachers are trained in specific strategies to tailor classroom instruction to their individual students. NHE also has additional support staff with instructional specialists in math, science, and reading. This all equates to a lower student-teacher ratio and more individualized attention for our kids.


If that wasn’t enough, the teachers design several learning enrichment programs throughout the year that expand the scope of the learning experience and expose students to various ideas outside of the regular classroom experience. Talented and gifted teaching starts in kindergarten for all students and NHE has an excellent team of specialists for students that require extra support in the classroom.   See our brag sheet for MORE awards and statistics. See the district level brag sheet to be further impressed!


NHE Staff Directory

You can find a directory to all of our NHE teachers by accessing the school website and accessing the About NHE page. Look for the NHE Faculty and Staff link on the left hand navigation bar.


(To the tune of Yankee Doodle Dandy)

Northwood Hills, we are so proud of you, 

Raise high the yellow, green and blue.
We learned some lessons, and we made some friends. 
Our hearts and our words will be true!

Our falcon is always soaring skyward, 
Leading us as far as we can see.
We’re glad to get our education
At a school as great as
Northwood Hills Elementary!