NHE Think Tank

The Think Tank is an active learning laboratory where all students go to work with hands-on math activities and science experiments. The emphasis is on developing higher level thinking skills and broadening the scope of learning for all students in grades Kindergarten through 6th.


The idea for the Think Tank (formerly known as the NEST) was developed in 1991 by a committee of parents and teachers. The PTA continues to be committed to the success of the lab.


All students have the opportunity to visit this hands-on, self-directed STEM enrichment lab. No grades are given; this is a place for students to explore, to learn, make mistakes, and hopefully find a passion for science and math. The first semester is set up for grades fourth through sixth and the second semester is for grades K through 3rd. Small math enrichment groups (1st-6th) come all year long.


Get excited & come help your child and his/her classmates during their Think Tank time at school! Parent and community involvement is a critical part of the Think Tank’s ability to provide the best overall experience for our students. 


If you’re interested in volunteering, please contact Cheryl Derrington at Cheryl.Derrington@risd.org or the PTA Parent and Member Engagement Chair at volunteer@nhepta.org. You will need to have completed the required RISD background check to volunteer. 

The Think Tank adds new equipment and technology each year through the generous support of our NHE PTA.