School Menu

School lunches are available for purchase daily at all RISD schools. The student plate lunch in elementary school costs $2.00 and consists of an entree, two side dishes and milk. The secondary student lunch consists of an entree, three side dishes and milk, and costs $2.15. Adults pay $2.90.

Nutritious breakfasts are also available to students for only $1.50. Visitors and staff pay $1.85.

When 2016-2017 School Menus are available from RISD, we will link to them here. 

Prepay for Meals

RISD participates in, an online website that handles prepayments of school meals. Parents may log on to the site directly or through the district website to deposit money into their child's account, thereby eliminating daily lunch money being handled by the child, and speeding up lunch lines. MasterCard and Discover cards are accepted on the site. Parents may also pre-pay directly to the cafeteria by cash, check or money order.

Reduced Lunch

Please contact RISD Child Nutrition at 469-593-0108 for information on free and reduced-charge lunch programs.