Question: How do I join the PTA?
Answer: Go to the Join the PTA Page and click on the Membership Form to sign up.

Question: If I join the PTA, am I required to have my information published in the PTA Directory?
Answer: No, you can be a member without sharing your contact information if you choose.  You may also choose to share certain information, such as just your phone number or email. 

Question: Do you share my email if I register on the website?
Answer: No, we keep all emails private and only share information with permission (such as in the Directory).  When we send eNews, we keep individual email addresses hidden.


Question: What if I want to volunteer but can't commit to a board position?
Answer: The PTA has all kinds of opportunities to volunteer, some that only require an hour of your time once or twice a year.  We encourage all parents to get involved, no matter how small of a time commitment you can make.

Question: Why do I have to have a background check to participate at school events?
Answer: Background checks are in place for the safety and security of all students. NHE is committed to verifying the identity and background of all visitors that enter the school.

Supply Sale

Question: Do I have to use my credit card online to particpate in the presale?
Answer: No. You may also select the "Pay Later" option when checking out and pay at the actual event during late August in the school cafeteria.

Question: Can I pay for my PTA membership when completing the online presale?
Answer: Yes. Simply select a membership option in the "PTA Membership" section of the shopping cart and add your membership to your order. You will receive instant online access to the membership directory after you complete an order that includes a PTA membership.

Question: If I forgot something in my initial order or decide I want to purchase additional spirit wear items, may I complete the "Supply Sale Online Pre-Sale" again?
Answer: Yes. You can complete the process as many times as you like. Just make sure you do NOT add items already purchased to subsequent orders.

Question: Do I have the option to purchase spirit wear at the supply sale event in August?
Answer: The only items for sale at the event in August will be extra inventory we have in stock and it will be available for purchase on a first come, first serve basis. If you do not use the online presale we cannot guarantee that the shirt style and/or size will be available at the event.

Question: What if I am out of town and unable to attend the supply sale event in August. Should I still use the online presale?
Answer: Yes. Since the supply sale event coincides with our annual "Meet the Teacher" night, it is strongly recommended that all parents/guardians attend the supply sale with their children. However, if you have completed the online presale and are unable to pick up your order at the event, we will contact you with additional options for picking up your order.

Question: Do I have to purchase the required supplies through the NHE supply sale?
Answer: No. You may purchase supplies on your own. However, all 3rd-6th grade students are required to have the "school planner" which can be purchased as a stand alone item in the online presale or at the event. [Note: If you are purchasing a supply pack either via the online presale OR at the actual event, your student planner has been bundled into the cost of your supply pack and you DO NOT need to purchase it separately.]  Click here to see the required supplies for the current school year by grade.

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